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Although online mediations have been a viable option for mediating disputes for a while, since the onset of COVID-19, online mediations have grown in popularity. Online mediation is working well, and I have received a lot of positive feedback from my clients. Most often, video conferencing is the ideal way to conduct online mediations, but sometimes one or more parties prefer to be just on the telephone. I always remain flexible, so I can conduct the mediation in the format that best suits the parties.

Online mediations are conducted in the same process as in person mediations except you get the convenience of staying at your home or office, saving transportation costs, and minimizing time off from work. The format is simple. All you need is a computer or telephone with internet access to begin the mediation process. Scheduling is easy (evenings and weekends are available at no extra cost), confidentiality is maintained, and the same result is possible: reaching an agreement where the parties are the decision makers instead of a judge. So please contact me if I can help you take the first step towards resolving your dispute with a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Online mediation is possible thanks to video conferencing technologies.

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