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People deal with conflict most every day. Many of them turn to litigation and the use of the legal system to resolve disputes. But the court system costs too much, takes too much time and involves uncertainty, loss of privacy and an adversarial win-lose mentality. Frequently, the outcomes from the judicial system do not work effectively for most people especially when the dispute is between people who are in long lasting relationships like family members, business colleagues and community members. That’s why more and more people are turning to mediation as an alternative way to solve problems.

At Center Mark Mediation, the mediation process is tailored to the needs of the parties and the issues being discussed. The mediator frames the dispute as a mutual problem to be solved, and the parties explore mutually acceptable options with a focus on what they will do in the future rather than what has happened in the past. With that centered perspective, the parties can employ new and constructive ways to interact with each other. While the best answer is not always the one in the middle, the best approach to problem solving is usually from the center.


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